CRŪ® Winery Hires Chief Executive Officer Nathan Stern to Lead Company Growth and Expansion

Nathan Stern, CEO CRU Winery

CRŪ Winery is proud to announce its hiring of Nathan Stern as the company’s CEO.   With extensive global experience in consumer lifestyle products, as well as his expertise in sales, marketing and finance within the wine industry, Nathan brings a new level of professional leadership to CRŪ.   He has previously held executive positions at Crimson Wine Group, Beverages and More and Treasury Wine Estates.

Nathan’s focus for CRŪ’s growth includes expanding its already robust wine club and direct-to-consumer sales efforts as well as continuing to secure select wholesaler relationships across the country and internationally.    In an effort to support its aggressive plans, the company intends to invest in additional sales and support staff within the next 18-24 months.  Nathan is also tasked with working with the winemaking and production teams to ensure that the quality of CRŪ wine continues to be elevated and impressive.

Nathan is excited about the future prospects for CRŪ and believes that there are interesting opportunities for growth even in today’s admittedly competitive wine business:   “CRŪ Winery has done a remarkable job of setting itself up for success by making award-winning wines and setting a solid foundation upon which to build its future.  My job is largely to lead an intentional plan for growth by balancing our direct-to-consumer channels with the desire to become a nationally known and well-represented brand within certain wholesale markets.”