CRŪ 2017 Anniversary Chardonnay is counted among the year’s best Chardonnays as rated by Wine & Spirits!!!

We’re thrilled to announce that our 2017 “Anniversary Chardonnay” achieved a 90 point rating and is counted among the year’s best Chardonnays as rated by Wine & Spirits Magazine!

Critics from the publication describe the wine as “pleasingly nutty and caramel in scent, this is bright and minerally, with notes of salted lemon and slate.”

Widely considered one of the most trusted sources for information on both established and up-and-coming wine regions and producers, Wine & Spirits is the only wine publication to win the James Beard award five times for excellence in wine writing. It evaluates more than 15,000 bottlings every year using a two-step process. All wines are first tasted by screening panels tasked with determining which wines are better than average for their variety and appellation. Generally, only 20-30% of the originally tasted wines make it through to the second stage and are subsequently presented to the Wine & Spirits critic, who scores each wine and writes the reviews.


CRŪ’s 2017 Anniversary Chardonnay celebrates its winemaker, Jose Reyes, in his 10th  year with the company. Jose’s winemaking style is characterized by its sophisticated simplicity; he believes in allowing the natural flavors of the fruit to manifest in every bottle, resulting in truly uncontrived, delightful wines. The 2017 Anniversary Chardonnay wine is a limited production release initially allocated to CRŪ wine club members and now available for purchase here!